Sapphire Apartments

  • Client

    Bloc / Keggins
  • Location

    Kingston Foreshore
  • Year

  • Highlights

    Large rolled 3mm aluminium panels
    Faceted panels

The Sapphire apartments are the most expensive apartments ever built in Canberra and it is the hardest job we have ever completed. It’s one of the projects we are most proud of as it had the combination of high technical difficulty, a tight program and very high quality requirements.

Being a D&C contract we prototyped and designed all the different facade systems that we would need to use. This enabled us to iron out every issue before starting so that we could match the required speed onsite for the builder. On top of this with the proper planning we could ensure great quality by knowing where to focus and spend the extra time setting out.

We rolled and fabricated all the panels in our workshop out of Vitradual 3mm solid aluminium requiring precision work as the panels are very rigid. These panels were installed over a full 1mm structural back pan.