Less Pavilion

Ramp handrail for Less Pavilion
  • Client

    Molonglo + CBS Commercial
  • Location

    Dairy Road
  • Year

  • Highlights

    Ramp handrail

Every project we have worked on for our long-term clients Molonglo turns out to be an absolute highlight in our portfolio of works. They have a unique way of working in that they are so down to earth and love the one on one interface with the Tradesman on site. This gives them the most superior outcomes in quality workmanship, but also refined details as they’re constantly involved. You can’t work on a job in this way and fake your knowledge or skills, it demands well rounded skill.

We started Less with the steel flat bar balustrades that run in perfect curve around the spiral ramp. Whilst the ramp has landings for access requirements our steel runs in a perfect spiral all the way up the top. As always with Molonglo prototyping of multiple options was crucial to help set out accurately for success. This paved the way to roll the steel correctly, which we did in house, as well as allowing the welding to be at high standard.

Soon after starting this as with every project we undertake our contract dramatically grew to include the landscape works around Less pavilion and building 3.3. Our works started around the rear of building 3.3 with off form concrete planters, timber seats, corten edging, steel arbours, recycled paving + all the soft components. when we move around to Less Pavilion we had mass native plantings and hundreds of metres of steel hoop edging.

From these works the metal work team and landscape team combined to work on a late addition to the project, the bonfire pit! in the middle of the roundabout, two days before the opening we rolled the steel and perforated panels and built a frame with a sand base to contain the massive bonfire. This turned out to be one of the focal points of the evening from the public. What a great opening festival it was to cap off a great, diverse project. Fantastic outcome all round.

Ramp handrail for Less Pavilion
Bonfire pit at Less Pavilion
Bonfire pit at Less Pavilion
Ramp and landscape details at Less Pavilion
Less Pavilion featuring ramp handrail and landscapeing