Brindabella Gym

  • Client

    Construction Control
  • Location

    17 Brindabella Circuit
  • Year

  • Highlights

    Batten screen
    Curved ritek roof

Working with Construction Control we took a lead roll on the project from the outset when we had the entire shell of the building on contract. This is always our preferred way to work and takes pressure off the builder when we can manage to interface between a range of works easing the client off the pressure of having to manage details between multiple trades. 

On site our works began with the roof installation that featured 200mm thick insulated panels made by Ritek that were individually craned into the jelly bean shaped roof. Within the centre of this roof we installed a stainless steel box gutter as well as 3 round skylights which had to be internally lined with curved plywood. All these works were challenging as its a low structure so you can view the roof from the neighbouring buildings and there was no ceiling so the massive panels needed to be scratch free as this was the finished surface.

To set off the entire facade we then installed 5km of timber look aluminium battens made by sculptform. This has stunning sweeping curves that required more detailed setout to gradually change how much each batten needed to grow or shrink to fit give a consistent flow without flat spots or noticeable transisitons.