33 Allara

  • Client

    Molonglo Group
  • Location

    Canberra City, ACT
  • Year

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Kiosks at 33 Allara Street has transformed an underutilized end of the citywalk, which was little more than old pavers and established trees, into a now dynamic precinct. Developer Molonglo engaged Subcontractor Eifer to work directly with the Architect to create three functional kiosks for tenancy. The client outlined the importance of landscaping the area surrounding the pavilions to tie in current trees and tenants in order to achieve a natural atmosphere.

The design at 33 Allara has seen has seen the use of three raw timeless materials across all elements of the project. Concrete, Steel and Timber are an amazing combination. Being raw materials, they are much harder to install than the standard go to of builders in plasterboard, aluminium and tiling.

Judges commendation 2020 best use of materials


10mm wagga brown exposed aggregate concrete using was used throughout the site which ties the kiosks to the landscaping and the existing building. Through the concrete underfoot Eifer needed to follow an intricate plan which had the concrete set into diamonds to give a unique look as well as make the drainage work effectively. Within the kiosks the same concrete was used however here it was honed and sealed. To carry the design through the off-form walls and seats are a mix of exposed and honed concrete.