Creatively articulated, built for life. We use our hands to merge ambitious elements with singular design and make every project our most exceptional yet.

Three parts innovative construction, one part careful execution. Eifer is drawn to challenging concepts that come alive with nuance and tactility. Distinctly different, yet always recognisable, we’re dedicated to the belief that construction is a creative venture that’s best done in partnership and always built to last. Through commitment, experience, and the relentless pursuit of perfection, our projects elevate the spaces and places within commercial environments. 


Eifer is a team of experimental makers, balancing form and function to build high-end architectural features within commercial spaces. Working closely with each client to create something truly unique, every project is chosen for its potential to further expand the possibilities within construction. We’ve been finding new perspectives in everything since 2015 and we’re continually setting the bar higher.


We’ve evolved over the years but our core values have endured. Drawing inspiration from every opportunity to create something cutting edge, our aim is to work collaboratively to build well-articulated design that expands the human experience. It’s an audacious goal — and one that we don’t pursue lightly.